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vHack XT

Developer: Lapsa Games

v Hack XT - Hacking Simulator GameUpgrade your simulated Computer, install newest software and start your hacker carreer.On your way to the best hacker of the world, you have to get informations about other players and hack them.hack money as much as you can and build the strongest and fastest computer in the world.
Attention:-- This is a game! No real hacking-- No hacking knowledge required-- Internet connection required----------------------------------------------------------- Please make sure that your device's time is set to "Automatic from network". You will not be able to register or login with wrong time settings!---------------------------------------------------------
Features:-- Hack money from other players-- Upgrade your Hardware-- Download and install software Updates-- Browse the network for target players-- Scan them to get informations-- Upload AdWare for bigger money hacks-- Overviewing Taskmanager -- Send trojans and viruses-- Upgrade your Security to stay anonymous !-- Group yourself with friends in a Cluster and hack money-- Rankings